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To the boy who made me feel alive;;

Dear Boy Who Made Me Feel Alive,
   It's been about three weeks since you left me, and I still miss you more than anything. I wish I knew what made you leave me, but I feel so empty without you. All the promises you made to me have dimenished into nothing, and most of the time I feel like I can't survive, let alone breathe without you. I often wonder if you found another girl, but it hurts to much to imagine you looking into someone elses eyes they way you looked into mine. All I want to know is, where is my explanation? Why wont you tell me what happened to you? What happened to us? Saying that your feelings just changed doesn't work after two and a half years. And to make love to me the day before...that's what gets me the worst. You weren't like everyone. You were special. Gentle. Understanding. And now if I even try to talk to you, you give me a 'fuck off' attitude. I just don't understand why you would do this to me. I gave you everything and more, and you were perfect as well. People change, feelings change, I know all this, but how does this give you the right to be mean to me? To ignore me. To tell me that I wasn't good enough for you anymore. How could you look in the mirror every day knowing you broke the one person who ever gave you a chances' heart. I wonder if you think about me. I know I shouldn't say this, but I would do anything to call you baby, and tell you I love you. But it's over, I know. I just wish that the promises you whispered in my ear were kept. I wish the feeling of your kisses would reapear on my lips like they never left. I wish you hadn't left me depressed and completley alone to sit and fucking think about you.I wish I never met you. I wont sign this love, because I don't even know you anymore.
The stereotypical heart broken girl who doesn't want to wake up anymore.

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