To my forbidden desire (mydesire) wrote in unmailedlove,
To my forbidden desire


I'm in love with you. I have been for ages. Back in spring when I made my confession, I hadn't found the courage to admit it yet, but I was already in love with you then. It's only grown. I treasure your friendship more than words can express. But there is so much more...

You fill me with so much passion, so much longing, so much lust. You make my knees weak, you make my heart race. Sometimes the very thought of you is enough to leave me dizzy with desire. I see you and you make me so fevered and breathless, and I can't imagine how you can look in my eyes and not see all the things I am thinking. I suppose you don't because you never blush...

I want to take you to heights of ecstacy you've never dreamt of, to unleash your every desire, to bathe us both in all the passion that I can see in you. But it's more than passion, more than desire. I want to build you up, help you heal your hurts, help you battle your demons. I want to help you fill that small, deep, achingly silent and empty space I know you have inside you (because we are too much alike for you not to have it, too). I want to make sure you never, ever, feel old, even when you're in your nineties. I want my eyes to be the mirror in which you always see just how amazing, vital, dynamic, powerful, and sexy you are. I want to make you feel ten feet tall every day.

I know in all likelihood I will never be able to give you all those things. But what I can give you is the knowledge that I want to; gods, I want to! I can give you the knowledge of what you mean to me, the knowledge of all that I feel for you. It may not be much of a gift, but it's all and only for you.
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